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Hi! My name is Heather. I have worked in Elementary Schools for 5+ years, and I'm the owner of Beanstalk Tutoring.


When COVID-19 hit, classroom learning became something entirely different. I quickly realized just how badly students needed to be with their teachers in person, especially young kids! It’s during the early grades that students learn to read, write, and develop number sense and counting skills that make them self-sufficient learners in the later grades. When the following school year came around, it was apparent that many students had fallen behind due to remote learning. I had parents reaching out to me scared for what that meant long-term, and they wanted my help. So, along came Beanstalk Tutoring!


During my private tutoring sessions, I pinpoint each student’s needs and provide the structured support and individualized attention they need to grow and succeed in the years to come. I offer quality, personalized learning to families in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

Beanstalk Tutoring teacher Heather Cabot
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